Advanced Design

Perfectly designed package for small to medium sized companies looking for a high quality and reliable website that will not drain your budget. With the price tag of only 999€ our Advanced Design package offers you exactly that! Besides the fuctions and benefits already included in Start-Up Design the Advanced Design also offers expansion to 20 predesigned subpages, basic search engine optimisation (SEO), integrated social network connections (for example Facebook and Twitter) and ofcourse integration of an analytics program that will help you analyse and understand the traffic coming to your website, Google Analytics.

Extra functions will help your low cost website quickly gain recognition among your potential customers as well as gain rankings in search engines. You will also acquire access to statistical data that will be of great help in understaning the position of your company on the internet and at accepting your future business ideas.

As with all other offers, we encourage you to contact us if you have any questions regarding design and development of low cost quality website, search engine optimisation, affordable marketing campaigns or any other service we have on offer. We are here for you, to enable you an easy and quality internet experience!

If you believe you have found an offer of the same quality for a lower price with 24/7 customer support, let us know and we will beat it!



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